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Foodscience.com is the premier website for advertising your hiring needs in the food science industry. Since 1993, we have had a presence on the internet promoting job openings in the food science field.   We are now accepting advertising from universities, government and industry.

Why use OPUS?

  • We specialize in the niche market of food science.
  • Our website, Foodscience.com, is ranked highly in all the major search engines for food-science- related terms.  With our long history and good standing in the industry, we also commonly find many food scientists set their web browser homepage to our site.
  • Candidates continue to come to our site to look for new positions, even if they are not actively seeking a career move. They know our job listings are accurate and current and that OPUS International, Inc. is the premier authority on food science careers.
  • With our new blog, we can publish more information about job openings and job updates to our subscribers and food science web surfers.  So if you want to post an update to your ad, we can quickly fire it off to potential candidates.
  •  You will have full use of our growing social media portfolio to give your ads an even wider audience.   We have been very active developing our growing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn properties.

Foodscience.com is now accepting advertising for food science positions at cost-effective rates. You may advertise up to three positions at no additional costs. Simply complete the form below, then proceed to the payment page.

Rates are:

$300 for 1 month
$850 for 3 months
$1,500 for 6 months

Please complete this form. Only what is listed in the job description will be posted on our website. All other information is for our records only. Be sure to add to your posting a contact e-mail or fax so that the candidates can send the resume directly to you.

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For customer service or questions, please contact 954 428-3888 or e-mail opusinfo@foodscience.com.